WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

Weight Loss foods:

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast. Weight loss is something we all have to think about at some time in our life. What you eat is what you become. If you are not willing to commit to specific eating habits, weight loss is impossible. To loose weight it is very important to maintain a certain diet plan and eat specific foods that will help you achieve your health goals. The food you eat should be highly nutritious and low in calorie.

The foods mentioned below will certainly help you in loosing/maintain your weight and reduced obesity and achieve a perfect health .

1. Eggs

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

Eggs are one of the simplest food that you can easily include in your daily diet. It consist of a decent amount of protein that will help you loose some weight and gain some muscles. While eating eggs you also have to keep in mind that eggs also have a lot of fat and cholesterol, but you can easily avoid that by just eating the egg white and keeping the yolk aside.

It is very easy to cook eggs and there are also multiple ways to cook. Eggs don’t have the most amount of protein but it has enough to add it in your daily diet. It is cheap and easily available protein source. Eggs are one of the foods that you can have in any meal of your day, but having some protein first thing in the morning is very helpful in weight loss. 

2. Green-leafy vegetables

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

One more thing that will help you a lot in weight loss is eating Leafy vegetables. Be-leave it or not but eating your greens is very important for weight loss. Leafy vegetables consist of various vitamins,minerals and are high in antioxidants. Green vegetables provide high amount of fiber which will help in better digestion of food. Vegetables like spinach, fenugreek are easily available and consist of high amounts of iron and other nutrients which are very helpful in weight loss process.

There are different ways available for cooking your vegetables or you can always make a salad to eat with your meal. These vegetables contain high amount of fiber and are low in calorie so you can eat as much as you want and not complain about gaining any weight. 

3. Chicken Breast

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

A high protein diet promote weight loss and food that can provide you a very good amount of protein is chicken Brest. Chicken Brest is one of the best lean meat source that can provide you sufficient amount of protein and fat which will help you in weight loss. It is easily available and easy to cook also. By increasing the protein and reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your daily diet you will promote weight loss. By eating chicken you will loose weight, but all you have to remember is not to fry your it.

4. Fish

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

WeightLoss Diet Loose Weight Fast

Fish is one of the best protein source available. It’s a lean meat which means it consist a higher amounts of protein and healthy fats. Fish has a good amount of omega-3 fatty acid which is very essential for muscle recovery. It can be prepared in various ways and is a very good source of protein. 

5. Fruits

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Fruits are one of the most nutrition dense foods available on earth. Even if you don’t want to loose or gain weight you should still eat fruits everyday. Fruits has various vitamins that helps you rejuvenate your whole body and helps in faster muscle recovery. Eating fruits such apples, bananas and oranges has been proven to be very effective for weight loss. Having a bowl of fruit or drinking a healthy fruit juice during the day can promote weight loss and keep you healthy.


There is only one thing that will help you loose weight and that is your consistency and willpower. Diet is only one half of weight loss and is probably the most difficult half. The second half is regular exercise, doing only one of the two is not going to be enough. If you get control on your diet you get control over your life. Hope the foods mentioned above will help you start your weight loss journey in the correct way. But as i said this is just the one half of the journey. Maintain a active lifestyle, if you don’t like the gym then play some sports just do some activity that will burn some calories.

To loose weight you have to create a calorie deficit which means, the calories you eat should be less than the calories you burn. So, if you are burning 2000 calories everyday then eating 1500 to 1800 calories will create the deficit which will help you loose weight. All you have to remember is Avoid high fat junk food, eat healthy, exercise daily, and drink a lot of water and weight loss will be easy and simple.

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