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Weight gain still remains one of the most difficult thing to achieve as it requires consistent hard work, but there are some weight gain exercises that will help you achieve your desired body. It is only possible if you can follow three things with consistency first is Eating right food in right amount, second is Exercise Regularly and third and most important part is getting proper rest. We often think that to gain weight all you have to do is eat a lot of food and work a lot less, but this is where most people get it wrong.

If all you do is eat and sit your weight will certainly increase but not how you want it to increase. Always remember Weight gain is not about getting fat you don’t want to be fat, you want to be healthy, what you actually want to be is fit not fat. There are different exercises which help in faster weight gain and muscle buildup. The exercises mentioned below will not only help you gain weight but also help you get stronger.        

1. Squats:


a. Body Weight Squats:

Squats is something that you should include in regular workout. Squating is one of the best leg workout, its simple, efficient and doesn’t need much space. It can be performed anywhere at any time. This exercise mainly focuses on lower body and really workout the gluteus maximus which is one of the biggest muscle in our body. 

Squating provides many benefits it boosts your lower body strength, core strength and toughens your knees. As you are doing just body weight squats it is very safe and will not cause any injuries. Squating and other leg workouts are also proven to increase testosterone in males. Testosterone increases the muscle growth which increases the protein synthesis and helps your muscles to get bigger. Doing 15-20 squats for 2-3 sets is sufficient workout in a busy day.     

b. Weighted Squats

weight gain exercise

Performing squats using barbell or dumbbells can really fire up your gluts. Any exercise that is performed with excessive loading on muscle will help you break the muscle easily. The only way to build muscle is to break it first, the more you load up on the muscle, more it will break and you will build lean muscle easily. The easiest way to that is by increasing the amount of weights for each set until you can do a minimum of 8 reps per set. Similarly you can do Drop sets where you slowly Drop weight from maximum to minimum.       

2. Lat Pull-Down:


weight gain exercise

Lat pulldown is one of the best exercises to grow your back muscles. It’s an exercise that mostly focuses on lateral muscles in the back and some muscles in the shoulder. There are different variations in lat pull-down that you can try which will boost the overall effect of muscle breakdown. Various griping techniques that you can use to target different part of the back.

There is wide grip were you hold the bar wider than your shoulder. This will trigger the lat muscles the most and will help you build your upper back. There is also close grip which will target mostly the mid back region. In lat pull down grip is not the only important part to remember, there is also a factor of how much you should pull down. Many people make mistake to pull too hard or some barely pull it.

To avoid injuries and build the correct tension on the muscles it is important to pull the bar correctly. The correct way to do it to pull the bar up to the mid chest region fast and slowly let it go back up to its place. By doing this you will suddenly put tremendous amount of pressure on your back and sustain this pressure for some period of time. This will help you break your muscles easily.            

3. Chest Press:


bench press

Chest press or bench press is an exercise that provides you great looking aesthetics. When you see yourself with huge chest it boost your confidence through the roof. Most people think that building chest muscles is the easiest of all muscle group. But that’s not true at all, Chest muscles are one of the most difficult to achieve. No matter how much you workout the growth of chest muscles is very slow. initially you may feel that its getting bigger but once you hit your plateau it becomes very difficult to build chest muscle.

Many people be-leave that chest is only made of one muscle, but in reality its made of three muscle group. The upper chest, the middle chest, and the lower chest. To build your chest properly you need to hit all three muscle groups. And To do that there are various exercises like inclined chest press, declined chest press, flat bench chest press, dumbbell chest press, dumbbell fly, Reverse chest press and many more.       

4. Shoulder Press:

shoulder press

Shoulders are one of the strongest and most important part of our upper body. By gaining shoulder muscles you achieve the ultimate V-shape of your body. Gaining shoulder muscles is not a very difficult task. But Getting a well defined shoulder is a little bit tough. Just like chest shoulder also consist of three major muscle group. Front deltoid, Middle deltoid and Rare deltoid muscles. 

To get a well defined shoulders you should hit all three muscle groups. Most people only focus on front and mid shoulder and don’t work on rare. If your front muscles are more strong and the rare muscles are week there is a high chance of obtaining ligament injuries. So in order to avoid that you have to work on your entire shoulder. 

These Exercises are easy to perform as it requires less equipment. Shoulder press can be performed by using a machine or just pair of dumbbells. All you have to do is get both the dumbbells over the top of your head and slowly bring them back up to your shoulder and then get it back to prior position. 

5. Dead-lifts:

Deadlift is an exercise that you must include in your routine. It has been scientifically proven that there is no other exercise that triggers the growth hormone more than deadlift. Deadlift is not only for your legs its a compound exercise that engages your legs, back, shoulders, hips, and your core (Abdominal muscles).  It’s a great compound exercise to include in or at the end of your workout.

The only problem with deadlift is its a very injury prone exercise. To perform a Proper deadlift you have to maintain a perfect form start to end. As you will be picking more and more weight each time it is very much possible to loose your form. If you bend your back even a little bit there is a very high chance of injury. To perform a proper deadlift you have to keep your back straight with chest out and pull the weights from your hips. Start with lighter weights and slowly increase the weight over a period of time. In the end exercise is only the first half of the puzzle the other half is diet. After all muscle gain is very dependent on What you eat and how much you eat.   

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