How To Loose Belly Fat The Easy Way

belly fat

At Some point in time we all ask our-self one question How to Loose Belly Fat The Easily. We all wish to have a flat stomach. The only way to get it is to loose that belly fat. Human body is designed in such a way that we tend to store large quantities of fat in and around belly region. Hence belly area is one of the first region to store fat and one of the last to loose it. Some people still think that doing stomach exercises like sit up’s and crunches they will loose belly fat.

But studies suggest that you cannot target a particular area of your body and loose fat in only that part. When our body starts loosing fat, it gradually looses it from all over the body. If you follow the ways given below you will loose that belly fat in no time. So here are top 5 ways to loose Belly Fat.    

1. Fasting

Loose Belly Fat The Easy Way


Fasting is one of the fastest way to loose belly fat. In early 2000’s fasting was considered dangerous and unhealthy. But recent studies have shown that fasting is actually very healthy and can be very beneficial for fat loss. Fasting is not just about skipping meals, it’s about eating in a specific eating window.

There are various types of fasting plans available on the internet. Intermittent fasting, worrier diet, or one meal a day  (OMAD) diet you can choose any one of these. In my preference Intermittent fasting is what you should start from. Intermittent fasting is a type of fasting in which you only eat in a specific time frame and fast for the rest. The most famous tole of intermittent fasting is 16-8 fast.

In this you fast for 16 hours of the day and eat in the remaining 8 hours. In these kind of fasting your body will go into a state called kitosis during the 16 hour fast. Kitosis is a state of body where our body starts utilizing fat for energy. As a result you will gradually start loosing fat. Once you feel comfortable doing intermittent fasting you can increase the fasting time for greater effects. You can start the worrier diet and change the eating window to 4 hours stay fasted for other 20. Later on you can also get into OMAD where you eat in a 1 hour window.

Always remember only eating one meal a day or eating in a specific window will not help you loose all the belly fat. What are you eating in those windows is also important. You have to eat healthy food that will actually help and provide you the energy to last an entire day without any food. So try to eat healthy food that will contain all the macros and actually make you healthy.             

2. Exercise Daily

Loose Belly Fat The Easy Way

belly fat

Only following a certain Diet or fasting alone will never get rid of belly fat. To remove that stubborn belly fat you need to lift some weights. There are various scientific studies which shows that, the amount of fat loss significantly increases when you start lifting weights.

For many years it was be-leaved that cardio helps in loosing fat more than weight training. But in recent years a study was conducted where two groups of 100 people were given two types of training, one group just stuck to basic cardio training and the other group was given cardio+strength training. In this study it was found that the group of men with cardio+strength training lost significantly more fat than just cardio group. 

The second reason for weight training is that it helps in muscle buildup. Muscle consume more energy to maintain, as a result your body will need extra energy to maintain the muscles and where will that extra energy come from? Correct from fat stored in the body. So the more muscle you build the more energy your body will need to maintain it. 

Along with strength and conditioning training you can mix things up with circuit training various exercises to keep the heart rate going. As elevated heart rate promotes fat burning. So keep pushing yourself until you really feel the burn. To read about why you should workout everyday click here      

3. Measuring Up Your Calories

Loose Belly Fat The Easy Way

Loose Belly Fat The Easy Way

Most people don’t like to count calories while eating, resulting in having more or less then they actually need. The point of counting is not only to eat less but to eat in a measured amount. You shouldn’t eat more or less than you actually need. As eating more will not lead to any weight loss and eating less will not provide you with enough energy throughout the day. 

If you measure your calories it will be easy in the long run to keep a record of your health progress. And recording your progress will keep you motivated throughout the journey. This is an important thing because in everyday hustle it is easy to loose motivation and fall off the track. 

Measuring calories will help you stay on track. By measuring calories you can divide your macros and eat everything in a measured quantities. Macro is a term used as a short for macro-nutrients. Macro’s are the protein, carbohydrates and fats in your daily diet. The ratio of daily macro’s a person consume is very important. For fat loss ratio of macro intake is very important. 

Fat loss is not about how much exercise you do, it’s about the calories in versus calories out. It is the amount of calories you eat compared to amount of calories you burn. Naturally if you eat more and burn less, your body will store excess calories in the form of fat. Similarly, if you eat less and burn more creating a calorie deficit your body will be forced to utilize the stored fat for energy. So to loose some fat and keep yourself healthy start counting your calories. To read about best fat loss drinks please click here.       

4. Sleep Cycle

Loose Belly Fat The Easy Way

Benefits to Exercise Regularly

Yes, sleep plays a significant role in fat loss as well as muscle buildup. Most people don’t pay enough attention towards their sleeping pattern. Sleep is one of the most essential aspect of our physical and mental health. Have you ever noticed? If you don’t get enough sleep the earlier night, the next day just keeps getting tougher and tougher every passing moment. That’s because after a certain amount of work your muscles just give up. 

The quality of your sleep also depend on the time of sleep. If you are a night owl then there is a high possibility that you don’t feel very refreshed after your sleep. That’s because when we sleep in complete darkness there is a hormone that secretes in our brain called melatonin which helps us to get a sound sleep. Whereas during the day a hormone called serotonin is released which is basically a hormone that keeps you awake. 

A good sleep helps your body recover the muscle tare that happened during the workout. So more you sleep more muscle you will build. With more muscle your body will need more energy to maintain and repair those muscle, resulting in more fat loss.        

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