Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Bodyweight Execise is something You Can do Anywhere without any equipment. In today’s life style and our busy schedules it is a little bit to provide enough time towards Exercise. But just because we don’t have time doesn’t mean that we should not do our workouts. Body Weight Exercises is something we should all consider doing on a regular basis. Exercise doesn’t only make you fit and healthy it also refreshes your mind and makes you feel happy. Working out builds strength makes you confident. 

There are countless benefits of exercising, the only problem is we don’t get enough time for it. There are various simple exercises that can be performed in a small space and without any equipment. Even though these exercises are performed without any equipment they are very beneficial for our body and can really get your heart going. Body weight exercises are not only effective but they are also less prone to injuries. Here are Top 5 Body Weight Exercises You Can do Anywhere.      

1. PUSH UP's

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Push up is one of the simplest body weight exercise you can do anywhere. Push Up’s doesn’t need equipment and you can do it in a small space. Doing push up really engages your chest muscles, shoulders, lats, biceps and triceps. It also engages your core which is very important to build a good upper body and maintain balance. 

For beginners push up’s can also be a very difficult exercise to start with. To these people I would suggest that you start doing it by keeping your knees grounded. By doing this there will be less weight on your chest and shoulders and the exercise will be easier. Once you gain some upper body strength start doing a few sets of 5-8 reps. There are different types of push up’s that target different areas of chest.       

1.1 Wide Arm Push Up:

Wide arm push up is a normal push up that we all know. In this Push up we place our hands at a shoulder width so that our palms and shoulders align. In this kind of push up the areas that gets worked up are upper chest or peck region of chest, shoulders, upper back and a small part of triceps.

It is important to remember while doing wide arm push up’s when you go down your elbows should be at a 45 degrees. Another thing you should consider is breathing. Many people hold their breath while going down in a push up, But the way to do it is when you go down breath out and when you are coming up breath in. If you get a rhythm while doing push up’s it will feel much easier as you will not loose your breath suddenly.     

1.2 Diamond Push Up:

In Diamond push up you have to place your palms in such  way that you form a triangle or a diamond shape. Place this triangle on the ground so that it aligns directly with the center of your chest. This type of push up mainly engages your inner chest and triceps.

This push up can really give your chest a defined structure and you will definitely feel the soreness in the triceps. In Diamond push up you have to keep your elbows sticking to your sides. Use the same breathing technique explained above for this push up.  

1.3 Spider Man Push Up:

Push up

Spider-man Push up is one of the advanced version of push up. This Push up engages your core specifically the oblige region along with mid-chest, lats and triceps. It is a really great exercise if you want to burn fat faster, because while doing this push up you have to pull your knee towards your elbow and while doing that you also have to maintain balance. All this combined burn a lot more calories than a normal push up.      

1.4 Side to side Push Up:

Side to side push up is one of the most difficult push up you can do. In this push up you have to put your palms wide outside your shoulders. Then you go down in the push up on one side and push up then go down on other side. This is kind of a one arm push up but instead of folding one hand behind you are just keeping it on the ground. These push up’s help you build upper and middle chest, as well as rare deltoids ( which is back of the shoulder), front shoulder and lats. Side to side push up also engages a lot of you core muscles as you have to maintain a balance while doing it.        

2. Body Weight Planks:

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Planking is something that you can do absolutely anywhere. It’s a body weight exercise that doesn’t need much space and doesn’t require a lot of time either. A minute of planking can also be considered a good amount of time. Holding your body in a plank position engages your entire core as well as your back, hamstring and shoulders.

It is one exercise in which with minimal movement you perform a full body workout. But of-course planking is just a body toning exercise that is it will not build many muscles it will just help you maintain and define those muscles. Planks burn a lot of calories in a small amount of time, which is why this exercise earns its place in this category.

For planking all you have to do is touch your elbows on the ground inline with your shoulders, balance your entire body on your toes and elbows. You have to contract your core and feel the stress on abdominal region. You have to hold this position as long as possible. After some time your body will start shaking, but don’t stop there just keep going until you fall on the ground. There are different planks you can try doing.         

2.1 Shoulder Plank:

body weight exercise

Shoulder Plank is something you can start planking from. This is same as that of initial push up position, but instead of going down into the push up you just hold this position. This will put a lot of pressure on your back, abs and shoulders. Hold this position for at least a minute. To do this exercise you have to place your palms slightly outside shoulder, put your entire body weight on your palms and toes and hold this position.    

2.2 Side Plank:

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Side plank is an advanced plank hold. In this plank you have to balance your body on your forearm and your feet. This plank helps to improve balance and will engage your obliques. It also puts a lot of pressure on gluteus maximus which is the hip muscle and strengthens your lower body.

2.3 Shoulder Taps:

body weight exercise

Shoulder Tap is not really a plank, but it can be combined with a plank perfectly. For shoulder tap exercise you have to set yourself in a shoulder plank position then slightly tip your hips towards one side and tap on opposite shoulders. Do this exercise in 3 sets of 30-45 seconds each. This will help you balance your body and tone your core.  

3. Burpees:

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere


Burpees are without a doubt the ultimate full body exercise. This Body weight exercise will engage nearly every major muscle in your body t a time. Burpees will really help you burn those calories in no time at all. It engages your quads, hamstrings, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, and calves so basically your entire body. Just 45-50 seconds of burpees will live you out of breath. 

4. Mountain Climbers:

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere
body weight exercise

Mountain climber is a very simple body weight exercise that will help you build abs, and get rid of stubborn belly fat. For this exercise you have to get into initial push up position, then bring your left leg to left elbow then take it back to starting position and do the same with other leg. This exercise will put a lot of pressure on the core and help you loose that stubborn belly fat.

Mountain climber is an exercise that you have to do at a rapid pace, if done slowly it will not put enough pressure on the core and as a result you will not burn many calories. To make this exercise even more effective you can do it in a cross leg manner. In this you have to cross your left knee towards right elbow and vice versa. This will work your obliques and will provide you more defined abs.    

5. Body Weight Squats:

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere

Weight gain exercise

Squats is something that you should include in regular workout. Squat is one of the best leg workout, its simple, efficient and doesn’t need much space. It can be performed anywhere at any time. This exercise mainly focuses on lower body and really workout the gluteus maximus which is one of the biggest muscle in our body. 

Squating provides many benefits it boosts your lower body strength, core strength and toughens your knees. As you are doing just body weight squats it is very safe and will not cause any injuries. Squating and other leg workouts are also proven to increase testosterone in males. Testosterone increases the muscle growth it increases the protein synthesis and helps your muscles bigger. Doing 15-20 squats for 2-3 sets is sufficient workout in a busy day.     

Bodyweight Execise You Can do Anywhere Summery:

Exercise is something we all know we should do but we just ignore doing it. As a result, our health and well-being starts to deteriorate. Being physically active can help you lead a healthier and happier life. There are also strong research that suggests that people who workout regularly have a much lower risk of developing many chronic conditions and diseases. In order to achieve your health goals you have to be determined, but sometimes our work or job doesn’t leave you with time to workout. This is why if you do these 5 exercises it will take a lot less time and will provide you a full body workout. Exercising regularly boosts your immunity and keeps you away from sickness. Along with Exercise you should also focus on healthy diet, because only doing one without the other you will not achieve any goals. KEEP GRINDING.     

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