Benefits of Yoga You Didn’t Know

benefits of yoga

There are more benefits of yoga then just improving flexibility. Yoga is a practice of mind and body with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy. Some of the benefits of yoga includes strong and flexible body, peace of mind, good health, even weight loss. It sure pays to get on the yoga mat and start doing it. The benefits of yoga are far greater.  

Latest research shows that yoga is far from being just a simple stretching exercises. Yoga and its many asanas can keep us away from various health illnesses and issues.

Here are 10 Health Benefits of Yoga

1. Improves cardiovascular health

benefits of yoga

Regular yoga can relax the blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, and increases blood flow to the heart muscle. As yoga consist of various breathing exercises, more oxygenated blood flows through your body and rejuvenate whole system. Research have shown that regular breathing practices have cured illnesses like asthma and Emphysema

2. Weight loss

benefits of yoga

Benefits to Exercise Regularly

Among various other benefits, weight loss is one of the very important benefit or side effect of yoga. If you are looking to loose weight without putting your body under too much stress then you should consider starting yoga. But keep in mind that taking a equally healthy diet is also important. 

3. Helps you sleep peacefully

benefits of yoga

Benefits to Exercise Regularly

Yoga practices like Shavasana and meditation allow the sense organs to turn off, which provides a down-time for the central nervous system. This yields more peaceful sleep cycle. 

4. Perfects your posture

benefits of yoga

Yoga miraculously improves posture and balances your body perfectly. Poor posture not only makes you look less attractive, but also causes back and neck pain and joint problems. a good posture makes you feel confident. By regular practice of yoga your muscle and joint pain will slowly vanish.     

5. Reduce stress


Yoga exercise release endorphins, which help us to cope with stress and anxiety which helps us keep our emotions in balance. Stress is one of the biggest issue we are facing nowadays. Once you start doing some exercise or yoga you will start feeling happy and relaxed.  

6. Lessens depression and makes you happy

benefits of yoga


A recent study showed that the cases of depression have significantly increased among younger population throughout the world. Yoga is one of the tool that can be proven as one of the best to tackle depression. Consistent yoga practice improves your mental health and helps to fight depression and anxiety. It leads to stress management leading to self satisfaction and greater happiness. Practicing yoga for just a week can show you a way out of depression. 

7. Peace of Mind

benefits of yoga

Yoga put an end to the fluctuation of thoughts. It slows down the loops of frustration, fear, anger, anxiety, regret and desire that are the main causes of stress and depression. 

8. Improve instinct

benefits of yoga

Looking inside during yoga practices, helps us quite the voices of others so we can find the answer from within us. As we learn to turn inward, we encourage our intuition, instinct, and intelligence to blossom and improve.

9. Increases Creativity

benefits of yoga

Practicing yoga regularly helps in clearing the thoughts and understanding the inner emotions. There are moments in life where we cannot take important decisions due to unclear vision or emotional thinking. But if you are clear on your vision and thinking taking life decisions will be much easier and more productive. Yoga brings balance to the body, mind and soul, which provides vibrancy in artistic expression.

10. Improves immunity

benefits of yoga

immune system

Yoga postures and exercises improve lymphatic drainage in the body. This helps in fighting foreign substances like bacteria, viruses and pathogens, thereby boosting your  immunity. Apart from these benefits of yoga, it leaves you feeling really good and healthy.

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